Contemporary Pool Tables

Welcome to Philip Beards contemporary pool tables. Please view the selection of contemporary pool tables to give inspiration for your own home. All of our tables are individual and hand made in England please feel free to specify any design features to suit your personal taste.

You may have seen a contemporary table with aspects that appeal, these can be incorporated into a sketch and ultimately Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) prior to manufacture.

Contemporary tables can be created using a wide array of materials from around the world to give a fine finish. You may have an existing item that you wish to match your table to; alternatively choose from wood, metallic and solid colour laminates; lacquered finishes and natural wood.

Table sizes range from six to twelve feet. Consider room size allowing a minimum of four feet cuing space around your table.

Cloth colours are almost without limit, samples being available upon request. Personal or corporate logos can be screen printed on the bed cloth.

For a personalised quote for contemporary Pool tables, please contact me.